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Apr 03, 2018 The new edition of C&C games combines two games, strategy and action with an 'all-in-one'.Q: Is it possible to define a git branch with a completely different name? I've created a new development branch on a project using git. The name of the branch is 'dev-ztr'. I've created this branch on github, and my colleague has committed to it as well. He also pushed it to his own github account, and we want to integrate it into the master branch on our development site. However, I can't find a way to specify a different branch name in the master branch on our development site. I'm trying to go to the GitHub site and copy the SHA and make a new branch with the same name, but that seems like the wrong way to go about it. Is there a way to specify a different branch name in the git repository itself? A: No. The name of your branch is fixed once you have created it. If you want a different name, you should create a new branch. Q: Question migrated to SO - after comments, it is no longer possible to close as duplicate Let's say you find a question on Stack Overflow that is a duplicate and leave a comment. Now let's say a moderator comes along and flags the question as a duplicate. When the moderator flags the question, the flag is automatically placed on the question for moderator review. While waiting for the moderator's review, comments are added to the question by users who don't have the close privilege. Comments are required when a question is closed as a duplicate. Let's say the moderator agrees with the close votes. Does the duplicate flag no longer exist? A: No. The flag still exists. Only the flag is marked as disputed. This means that there are comments on the question which disagree with the close vote, in addition to the close vote itself. Those comments can be retracted by the flagger. The number of these comments increases the closer the question is to a close vote. This is visible in the close tooltip: When the moderator is reviewing the flag, they see: and the count of the comments that disagree with the close vote is displayed on the right: Additionally, moderators may also see comments which agree with the close vote. You see that in the close review popup when you are





Crack No Cd Soleil De Tiberium (Final 2022)

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